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Welcome to the Korean Society of Mission Studies homepage. 

The Korean Society of Mission Studies welcomes Christians who care about the missional role of the Church. This includes missionaries from different parts of the globe as well as scholars and students alike who are invited to share their thoughts and experiences. The transcendental nature of theology of mission not only brings together academia and the Church but also necessitates the continuous exchange with various fields such as Humanities, Anthropology, Regional Studies, Linguistics, Culture Studies, Medical Science, Statistics, and Sociology of Religion. Mission begins when we cross the boundaries of nation, culture, and religion. We need to speak the language of the world and only then can we communicate with world that “God so loved.”

I sincerely hope that this webpage could serve as a platform that facilitates the endeavor to transcend boundaries, fruitful discussions, and learning. I would like to express special thanks to everyone who has prayed and supported this project. I pray that the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ will be with you.

Dr. Kunjae Yu

The President of the Korean Society of Mission Studies

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